Inter Departmental Co-ordinators

Each School / Department has the facility of Department Library, which is equipped with the latest books for ready reference purposes. Every department has deputed a staff to coordinate with the Central Library relating to their department’s books & journals requirements. The department coordinators will play a vital role in disseminating the library’s new systems & services among their staff and student.

Department Library Coordinators :

Sl. No Name Designation & Dept
1 Mrs.V. Indumathi Asst. Librarian / CSA
2 Dr. M.P.Srinivasan Asst. Librarian / Law
3 Mr. Govindhan Crescent School of Business
4 Dr. Joseph Mary Rahila AP/MBA
5 Mrs. R.Daulath Banu AP / Polymer
6 Dr. S.P.Valli A P/ CSE
7 Dr. C.Simon Durairaj A P/ LS
8 Mr. M. Magesh A P/ AERO
9 Dr. C.K. Arvinda Pandian A P/ AUTO
10 Mrs. G. Anuradha A P/ ECE
11 Dr. S.Aravindhan AP/ Chemistry
12 Dr. A.Haja Alaudeen AP / MCA
13 Dr. N.S.Shafeer Ahamed AP / Civil
14 Mr. A. Bernick Raj AP / Mathematics
15 Dr. P.R.Hemavathy AP / EIE
16 Mrs. Muththamizh Selvi S.I AP / English
17 Dr. Nabeena Ameen AP / IT
18 Ms. Sarmila Har Beagam AP / EEE
19 Dr D.R.Rajendran AP / Mech
20 Dr. S. Prema AP / Pharmacy
21 Dr. M.Lakshmipriya AP / Physics
22 Dr. Noushad C AP / Social Science
23 Mr. S Mohamed Azarudeen Islamic Studies