Library Advisory Committee

The Central Library has a Library advisory committee for

      Advising on funding needs is necessary to efficiently provide the type and quality of services the user community needs in a research environment.       Advising on general policies related to the quality/depth of collections, services, instruction program, and infrastructure, as well as on significant  new initiatives and assessment processes

Participating in strategic visioning with corresponding bench-marking criteria.

Considering broad national issues pertinent to scholarly communication and open access, and communicating its perspectives, as appropriate, within and externally to the university.

Facilitating communication with and obtaining feedback from the user community on Library collections, programs, services, infrastructure, and  communication mechanisms.

Sl.No. Name Designation Position
1. Dr. M. Mohamed Ismail Dean (Academic Affairs) Chairman
2. Dr.P.Panneerselvam University Librarian Secretary
3. Dr. A.K. Kaliluthin Deputy Director/CDM Member
4. Dr. V. Muralidharan Deputy Dean (Research) Member
5. Dr. K.Indra Gandhi Deputy Dean (Student Affairs) Member
6. Dr. J. Mahashar Ali Asst.Dean/ Academic Affairs Member
7. Dr. G.V.Vijayaraghavan HoD/Physics Member
8. Dr. K.Soundarapandiyan HoD/Commerce Member
9. Dr. S.Panboli Professor/Management Studies Member
10. Dr. G. Kannan Asso.Prof./ECE Member
11. Dr. M.Syed Masood Asso.Prof./IT Member
12. Dr. Md Khurshid Alam Khan Asso.Prof./Life Science Member
13. Dr. Haja Nazeer Ahamed Asso.Prof./Pharmacy Member
14. Dr. G.Shree Devi AP/CA Member
15. Dr. S. Karthikeyan AP/Aero Member
16. Dr. A. Bernick Raj AP/Maths Member
17. Dr.A.Selvantony Asst.Librarian/Central Library Member
18. Dr. M. P.Srinivasan Asst.Librarian/Law Member
19. Mrs. V. Indumathi Asst.Librarian/Architecture Member
External Members
20. Dr. Mahendra N Jadhav Librarian IIT Madras
21. Dr.J.Dominic Librarian Hindustan University
Research Scholars (Full-time)
22. Affia Thabassum Research Scholar/CA Member
23. Karthikha R Research Scholar/EEE Member